Hello from U2 Founders!

Thank you for your visit. We are Amwazia and Kapasa Chanda and we founded U2 and U2FX Mastery to help people to start, build and scale their Forex trading business. We are a married couple with four children, and have been working from home for years. We love this lifestyle and we’re passionate about helping others to achieve greatness in this field and in their life – whether it’s as a small side income, part-time or full-time – anything is possible and YOU CAN DO IT!


What Our Members Say

"Before I met Amwasia and Kapasa, I was a novice to basic trading. First I wasn't sure how affirmations and vision boards can positively influence my motivation. But then I decided to get started because of Kapasa’s drive and resolve. Fast forward to today, I now know the basics and could access support from them in demand. I've learnt the basics of Forex trading. The best part has been the practicals on Zoom seminars. Thank you for your commitment and generosity." - Chinwe

Our Story

You Too can build a life of abundance and freedom. With U2 you will get the tools and strategies to fast-track building and scaling your online trading business. Connect with like-minded people and build a business that brings you abundance, freedom and independence. What we do is unique – we provide very robust support to help you get your strategy right straight from the start. We also have a community of driven traders and leaders who keep reaching new heights in growing and scaling their business and teams. 

Video - How Trading Could Change Your Life

Trading comes in many forms and it provides excellent opportunities for financial growth. Here Amwazia Chanda, founder of U2, shares how and why they got started with the business, and how they have built an international community of traders, changing lives all over the world!

What Our Members Say

"First I wasn't sure if the learning would be for me. But then I decided to get started because it was so easy to follow. Fast forward to today, I'm now so confident and even teaching others just after 3 months of joining. The best part has been the support from Amwazia and Kapasa. Thank you for always being there to support me even. I know I have your support for life. This is the best decision I made to join." - Thelma

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Hear Our Story

U2 is all about you discovering yourself and creating a life and business of your dreams. Before we discovered personal development and created our home based business, we felt stuck in unfulfilling employment and saw little potential to create more abundance in our lives.


But it all changed when we started attending seminars and had mentors who helped us discover our potential and transcend to a different way of thinking and living. In one year we were both able to quit our full time jobs, work from home and sustain our family with four children, and build a team of leaders who are now making a difference in their and other people's lives.


It's amazing what can happen in a short period of time when you get the right empowerment and strategies. Because of the powerful journey we have travelled and our dedication to make a positive difference in people's lives and independence, we are now providing a range of personal and business development online. We are grateful to be able to support other leaders to advance their businesses and finances, and you can discover many of these success stories below.