Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I need to pay a subscription every month?

To continue to have access to the learning materials, the mentorship, software strategies and your teams support “U2FX” you will need to pay a monthly subscription. However, you are not tied to a contact and it’s on a monthly pay as you go basis.


2. Will I need to pay any other money apart from my subscription?

When you start trading you will need to fund your trading account with a broker of your choice. We recommend a minimum starting amount of £300 or $300


3. Is trading gambling?

Trading is based on technical analysis, market sentiments and fundamentals. However, if you place trades without applying the taught risk management strategies, and without basing your trades on any analysis or strategy, then you are gambling.


4. Can I lose all my money?

Only if you willingly break the rules due to greed, or a lack of appreciation of the recommended risk management strategies.


5. How much money will I need to start with?

We recommend a minimum of £300 or $300


6. Why should I pay a subscription once I have learnt how to trade?

To continue to have access to the live mentorship that the platform offers, i.e someone who is successful at trading who you can copy, and as well the learning material and software tools, you will require a subscription.


7. I don’t have time to learn is this for me?

If you want to change your life and have the freedoms that mastering this skill gives, you will need to put in the time to learn. If not, then it’s not for you.


8. I am a busy person, how time consuming is this?

Placing a trade takes two minutes and you don’t have to keep watching the trade once it’s been placed. Let it run and let it bank your profits at the set take profit point, or conversely let it stop you out at the set stop loss point.


9. I have traded before and had a bad experience, how is this different?

On our platform you have access to experienced educator mentorship in live interactive trading rooms and a community of support, to help you on your journey.


10. Is this trading money real?

Yes, it is. The money you trade with will be banked by yourself into a broker account which is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of the country in which the broker operates. It’s as secure as a bank account.


11. Can I withdraw the money?

Yes you can, and as often as you want. Typically, it takes 2 working days for a transfer to reach your bank account.


12. Is IM a scam?

No, IM do not take any funds from you to invest, I.e they are not a trading or investment company and do not trade on your behalf or anyone’s behalf. All they do is educate you, which in turn empowers and enriches you.


13. Is IM a pyramid scheme?

No, they are a company that have fused a multilevel marketing approach with the Foreign Exchange industry. They do not advertise their services but use customer recommendations to grow their market share. In a pyramid scheme there is no product or service, IM have several services and products, e.g Go-live where you get mentorships, the Academy where you learn how to trade, FRX “Forex trading” ECX “ drop shipping” , HFX “High Frequency Trading”and DCX “Binary options”. You can also decide to become and Independent Business Owner and resell IM’s highly sought after products and services and get compensated anything between $150 - $1,000,000.00 per month! Guys, that’s like winning the lottery every month. You also don’t have to participate in the marketing. You can just use the products and services if you so wish.


14. Who own’s IM, and is it a legitimate company?

IM was Founded by Christopher Terry and his wife Isis de la Torre. Yes, it is a legitimate company with a presence in over 120 countries. I have brand Ambassadors such as the renowned millionaire mindset mentor and educator Bob Proctor, and strong endorsement from prominent people such as Floyd Maywhether, and Les Brown, to name but a few. “ ”


15. Very few people make money trading FX, how is this different?

The difference is that here you get mentorship, the right education “simplified” and the correct tools. Every career starts with guidance whilst you are finding the ropes. Unfortunately in the trading space, a lot of people simply ignore the mentorship approach and think that they can make a quick buck without any form of guidance simply because they do not know that they can get the mentorship or even because they do not see the value in it, and as a result they very quickly crash and burn.


16. How soon can I start trading with a live account?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to learning. We place emphasis on learning the skills but as you are learning you will also be earning through the Go-live platform and trade ideas which are sent to your mobile phone. The best approach is to learn a strategy, practice in a demo account and then once you have mastered a strategy, you can then start trading with real money “90 days”. However, if impatience gets the better of you, you can learn how to place trades when continue with your earning journey but start earning whilst you are learning.


17. How much money will I be able to make?

Our trade ideas have a success rate of 80% and above. How much you make all boils down to your psychology and risk management techniques, which we recommend that you master.


18. People say that IM Mastery academy is focused on recruiting people than trading.

IM Mastery academy only advertise their services via customer recommendations and as such this is how people get to hear about it. The company focus is to Educate, Empower and Enrich.


19. I am not good at recruiting people is this for me?

You don’t have to participate in the Business building opportunity, just like you don’t have to participate in the drop shipping opportunity. 90% of our students only just trade.


20. The stock market is crashing, everything is going down, why should I do Forex?

The stock market and the foreign exchange market are two very different marketplaces. Firstly, the Forex Market trades $6.6 trillion USD per day which as the stock exchanges only trade $40billion USD per day. In the foreign exchange market, volatility is your friend if you have learnt how to capitalise in volatile markets. Whether in an upward or downward trend market, you can make money trading foreign exchange.